Therapeutic properties of Water in Relationship to Treatment

Pool water between 88-92 degrees leads to muscle relaxation, improved circulation, increased range of motion, and decreased sensitivity of sensory nerve endings (less pain).

Viscosity of water allows for increased time in making postural adjustments and receiving feedback from the body to work on balance and postural control within a safe environment. It also allows for increased resistance during movement for improved strength, endurance, and joint input.

Buoyancy provides relief from the constraints of gravity to promote relaxation, range of motion, ease of handling, freedom of movement, reflex integration, vestibular stimulation, and ease of work for increased motor repetitions leading to improved endurance, strength, and motor planning.

Hydrostatic pressure improves respiratory control and circulation with constant pressure to submerged body.

The combination of buoyancy, resistance, and hydrostatic pressure provided by the water allows for improved sensory integration. The input of water on the skin, resistance to movement of limbs, and vestibular stimulation produced in a reduced gravity environment contributes to overall arousal and awareness for optimal learning to occur.

The aquatic environment improves self confidence, communication skills, and can become a life long leisure activity for your child within the community.