Laughter and screams of delight are the sounds that I hear during Cari's aquatic therapy time. Jennifer's charismatic nature and ability to make hard work effortless is remarkable. She masks therapy with creative games and humor to keep Cari engaged and craving more time in the water. What a joy it is for me to watch Cari bond with Jennifer as they dive for buried treasures down below, box with ridiculously large blow-up gloves, and play catch under water. Oh, did I mention Cari started swimming within 5 sessions of working with Jennifer? What a bonus! Summer swimming, here we come! We are so grateful for this wonderful addition to Cari's life! Thank you Jennifer.

Therapy Junction has been a integral part of our sons development. Therapy Junction approaches each child individually and fine-tunes the services our child needs. Ethan has grown so much. Our Child had severe developmental and speech delays and we are truly amazed by what Ethan is able to do as a result of the therapy services provided by Jennifer and Megan. Jennifer is very intentional in everything she is does and has worked with Ethan in feeding, as well as motor delays, and she knows how to make this hard work fun. Megan is in tune to Ethan and meets him where he is at. Megan knows how to get him to open up and focus through organized play and activities. Both Jennifer and Megan know how to keep Ethan engaged. Although Ethan has more to grow we know Therapy Junction will be there all along the way. Thanks Jennifer and Megan for what you do and what you have done in our kiddo's life!