Reflex Integration

Reflex IntegrationReflex Integration is primarily a passive treatment approach. It uses gentle and subtle movement patterns to develop optimal nerve net connections between the body and the brain. Dr. Svetlana Masgutova describes a reflex as an "automatic response of the nervous system as a result of a trigger from a stimulus", (i.e. touch, movement, etc.). Reflexes are naturally given to the body to serve for protection and survival. When a reflex pattern becomes matured and integrated, it supports development of controlled motor skills. However, occasionally patterns remain in a non-integrated state, therefore continuing to serve for protection at times when it isn't necessary, impacting motor, cognitive and behavioral development.

The MNRI Method was developed to facilitate integration of patterns that remain in a protected state. Integration of reflexes and reflex patterns impacts the development of the protective mechanisms and therefore impact brain function, and cognitive and motor development.

Conditions that would benefit from reflex integration include:

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